Lei Yang

Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science



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Conference Proceedings

Practical Rateless Set Reconciliation
Lei Yang, Yossi Gilad, Mohammad Alizadeh

Light Clients for Lazy Blockchains
Ertem Nusret Tas, David Tse, Lei Yang, Dionysis Zindros
FC, 2024

Optimal Flexible Consensus and its Application to Ethereum
Joachim Neu, Srivatsan Sridhar, Lei Yang, David Tse
IEEE S&P, 2024

Poster: Coded Broadcast for Scalable Leader-Based BFT Consensus
Ioannis Kaklamanis, Lei Yang, Mohammad Alizadeh
CCS, 2022

Longest Chain Consensus Under Bandwidth Constraint
Joachim Neu, Srivatsan Sridhar, Lei Yang, David Tse, Mohammad Alizadeh
AFT, 2022

DispersedLedger: High-Throughput Byzantine Consensus on Variable Bandwidth Networks
Lei Yang, Seo Jin Park, Mohammad Alizadeh, Sreeram Kannan, David Tse
NSDI, 2022
PDF, Code, Talk

Securing Parallel-chain Protocols under Variable Mining Power
Xuechao Wang, Viswa Virinchi Muppirala, Lei Yang, Sreeram Kannan, Pramod Viswanath
CCS, 2021

High Throughput Cryptocurrency Routing in Payment Channel Networks
Vibhaalakshmi Sivaraman, Shaileshh Bojja Venkatakrishnan, Kathleen Ruan, Parimarjan Negi, Lei Yang, Radhika Mittal, Giulia Fanti, Mohammad Alizadeh
NSDI, 2020
PDF, MIT News, Code

Wireless Computer Vision Using Commodity Devices
Colleen Josephson, Lei Yang, Pengyu Zhang, Sachin Katti
IPSN, 2019
Firmware, FPGA, PCB source

Journal Articles

Student Cluster Competition 2017, Team Peking University: Reproducing vectorization of the Tersoff multi-body potential on the Intel Broadwell architecture
Zhenxin Fu, Lei Yang, Wenbin Hou, Zhuohan Li, Yifan Wu, Yihua Cheng, Xiaolin Wang, Yun Liang
Parallel Computing, October 2018

Practical Backscatter Communication Systems for Battery-Free Internet of Things: A Tutorial and Survey of Recent Research
Chenren Xu, Lei Yang, Pengyu Zhang
IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, September 2018 - Featured article

ParConnect reproducibility report
Lei Yang, Yilong Li, Zhenxin Fu, Zhuohan Li, Wenbin Hou, Haoze Wu, Xiaolin Wang, Yun Liang
Parallel Computing, December 2017


Practical Rateless Set Reconciliation
Lei Yang, Yossi Gilad, Mohammad Alizadeh
PDF, Code

Prism: Scaling Bitcoin by 10,000x
Lei Yang, Xuechao Wang, Vivek Bagaria, Gerui Wang, Mohammad Alizadeh, David Tse, Giulia Fanti, Pramod Viswanath
Code, Talk (Stanford Blockchain Conference 2020), Demo