Lei Yang

Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science



OpenPGP: 2D3EB894C40AE453





About me

I’m a PhD student in Computer Science at the Networks and Mobile Systems Group (NMS) of MIT CSAIL, advised by Prof. Mohammad Alizadeh. My research lies in computer networks and distributed systems. I received my SM from MIT in 2020 and my BS in Computer Science from Peking University in 2018.

I love designing and building systems that are robust, performant, and easy to use. My current research focuses on computer network problems in the setting of blockchain. Some examples are Prism, a cryptocurrency that supports more than 80,000 transactions per second; DispersedLedger, a framework that hardens existing BFT state machine replication protocols against fluctuating network bandwidth; and Rateless IBLTs, a family of universal rateless codes for reconciling set differences. I have also published on the security aspects of blockchain protocols. My work is supported by generous gifts from the Ethereum Foundation.

Occasionally, I write about what I do in my blog. When away from the keyboard, I enjoy hiking, cycling, sailing and travelling. Plus, I am a licensed amateur radio operator. My callsign is KC1NOR.

What’s New

Practical Rateless Set Reconciliation (joint work with Yossi Gilad and Mohammad Alizadeh) will appear in SIGCOMM 2024. Preprint and code are available.

Optimal flexible consensus (joint work with Srivatsan Sridhar, Joachim Neu, and David Tse) will appear at IEEE S&P 2024.